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Friends we are going to celebrate and goodbye 2014 on December 31st, send Happy New Year 2015 ASCII FB status wishes messages and Whatsapp wishes, and send also happy New Year greetings wishes 2015 to all your friends.

Share happy New Year 2015 ASCII FB status, Whatsapp wishes messages through your social media accounts; it gives some surprising to your all friends. This ASCII New Year Wishes are in different style, because it is a code language, so send all these New Year 2015 ASCII Wishes and greetings of Whatsapp and Facebook status updates, Google Plus and Twitter.

Below you can check out latest and unique greetings messages of Happy New Year 2015 ASCII facebook status updates and Whatsapp wishes.

Hey friend Happy New Year 2015
!@”$$$Happy $***!
§%$$$ NEW YEAR 2015 §$$$$

*          Happy NeW YeAr                     *• .•.¸
*               Success YeAr                            *• •..¸
*                 Colorful yEar                     *• •¸
*         hApPy Year 2%0#1$5                    *•
&                                                          *%••.¸
********************************** •…¸

(((*****С Новым Годом друг^^^%%)
=+%%??””в этом году дает полного успеха__+***&&
$$$$я желаю вам счастливого Нового 2015 года@@@

:: &&$$S Novym Godom drug:: “”##@@
UUU&&v etom godu dayet polnogo uspekha %$%$#@
%^&ya zhelayu vam schastlivogo Novogo 2015 goda&*)

Many people give articles on ASCII, but you know what ASCII is?, you don’t know, yes  I give the meaning of ASCII.

Meaning of ASCII:

ASCII meaning is American Standard Code for Information Interchange; it is the most common format for text files in computers and on the internet. In ASCII all are a alphabetic, numeric, or special characters.