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 Happy New Year 2015 Quotes for Teachers

happy new year 2015 quotes for teachers, parents give birth, but teacher tech how to live and how to grown in our lives, every person teacher is a ladder in life, from the olden days to now-a-days and in future also in the world in all traditions of the world teacher is a Torchlight  to lead our lives. Here I can give some awesome new year greetings quotes for teachers, you have many thoughts to send and wish to your teacher new year quotes 2015 for teachers and choose from a wide range of beautiful Happy New Year 2015 quotes, new school year quotes for teachers and new year wishes for your teacher, think all these wishes and greetings show how much care and respect on them and remember them in special events and occasions in your mind.

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new year quotes for teachers

Teacher you teach many inspiring stories and lessons to me for my career, Those valuable lessons and the corrections you made at my works will remembering always in my memories and will motivate me to get success in my doings in life.
I wish You Happy New Year 2015!

I wish upcoming New Year brings happiness and prosperity and in the same way your teachings have torchlight in my life.
Wish You Happy New Year 2015!

Forget sorrows and worries in 2014 and Welcome a prosperity New Year, I want again look forward to your support for upcoming New Year
Wish You Happy New Year 2015!

You Have been a Candle that brings light by burning itself; I hope you are continuing to spread the Knowledge light entire New Year 2015 through your teachings.
Wish You Happy New Year 2015!

new year quotes for teachers in hindi

Apa Khuda ko jalakara prakasa lata hai
Ki eka mombatti kiya gaya hai;
Maim tumhem apane upadesom ke madhyama se nae varsa 2015 mem pure Jana Prakasa Prasara Karan eke lie jari Kara rahe Haim ummida hai
Kasa apa 2015 Naya Sala Mubaraka ho!

Maim agami nae sala ki khusi aura samrddhi lata hai aura usi taraha apane
Upadesom mere Jivanan mem masala ki rosani hai kamana karate haim
Apa 2015 Nava varsa Mumbaraka ho kasa!