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Latest Funny Happy New Year wishes for facebook, Whatsapp 

This is the article is exclusively for Funny Happy New Wear 2015 wishes for facebook, Whatsapp only, because every day and every second Whatsapp and facebook users are growing, on this idea I can give latest funny happy new Year wishes and greetings for facebook and whatsapp, why I can give this latest stuff, I have an idea for this thing, every one now wanted to connect people with social media, they don’t read news papers also, people can’t eat food but they have not update their walls, timelines then they fall ill health, this is the facebook and whatsapp status.

New Year images 2015

Below I can provide the best funny happy new year wishes for facebook and whatsapp timeline status and timeline covers, you will send and share this cute happy new year wishes and greetings to your loved ones and all.

Latest funny happy new year 2015 wishes for facebook, whatsapp

Inky Pinky ponky people has facebook account
Facebok die users cry, users cry
Happy New Year!

I wish in the upcoming New Year
In your fb account has get full spam
Your fb account has hacked
Wish you happy face new book year!

Sunday so Sad posts
Wednesday worst posts
Friday fake posts
Saturday Spam post
Wish you a very unhappy Facebook new year!

Monday mobile jam
Tuesday two wheeler Jam
Friday facebook jam
Wish you happy New Year!

I wish in the new year
You get full spam
You get full fat
Your girlfriend/boy friend left you
You have no rest
Wish you happy new year!

Facebook send fake mail
You get job in facebook
Google stopped index your site
Wish you happy new year!

I wish your latest Smartphone spoil this New Year
Your little child bit you
You forget wear cloths and go to office
Wish you happy new year!

All the New Year 12 hours of AM
The 12 hours of PM
You stick with facebook and whatsapp
With full of worries
Wish you happy New Year!

In your life you always be love and laughter in the air
Someone wonderful to pair
And you’re in top gear
From the AM to PM
In the all New Year days
Wish you happy New Year!

Friends all these funny happy new year 2015 wishes, quotes, greetings and latest New Year 2015 wishes 140 characters sms and the best happy new year quotes and sayings, latest happy new year greetings are my own creations and it is only for laugh don’t think otherwise, take funny and laugh.

I wish you a happy Sunshine new year

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