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Most Powerful and helpful Resolutions for New Year 2015

Hello stop here and read carefully this article first I told to all Happy New Year 2015, changed your life no doubt follow this article and live happily without tensions, worries, mental stress, and ill health, you know one thing the upcoming New Year day is not only for the celebration with fireworks, Party, Wishes and Greetings to friends, family and relatives but also you can concentrate and taking new resolution for the new day on January 1 ,2015. Many people done the Resolution from the new year day and comes on the 1st January so many people are searching for the best New Year Resolution for the upcoming year 2015. On the starting of new year's Day people think take new decisions and powerful resolutions for their lives, they think totally leave their bad habits and start their life with new way and some of the people have take new goals for business, job and other. Check below the Most powerful and helpful Resolution for New Year 2015 Day.

New Year 2015 common Resolution

New Year event is one of the most important events which get celebrated in the world every year. New Year is all about forgetting all bad things and bad memories and bad feelings with the end of the year and to accept the happiness, share joy, spread love, make new friends, invite the happy moments with the arrival of New Year 2015.

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Happy New Year 2015 Most common Resolution

First wake up from sleep next touch your Mother’s feet, because she is real God of you

Pray God daily

Go to Morning Walk daily, if you go to morning walk you will free from millions of dangerous diseases

Doing some time Exercise at Gym/park/open place daily

 Stop smoking and drinking

Weak up early in the morning (at 4 AM)

Write diary with your full day doings and thoughts

Don’t fight with your wife

Important Note: don’t eat Junk Foods

Prepare Healthy diet chart and must follow that chart

Use free time to spend with your family

Sleep at least 6 to 8 hours per a day

Make good friends left bad friends

Speak softly to all people

Do work in-time, don’t postpone your work

Check your son/daughter cell phones daily and all their works

Go to picnics with your family in weekends

Know new things

Must learn software and hardware

Spend with your kids in your free time

I will apologize to all whom I have hurt in the previous year

Prepare monthly budget

Give some pocket money to your children

Go to office in-time and Come to home early from office

Learn cooking it is so helpful to all

Improve English speaking skills

Seeing your parents and speaking daily with them

Get marriage early

Go to religious programs

Spend some time in temple

Install antivirus software in your PC/Laptop/Smartphone

Check your mail box daily

Pay all your debits

All your family open Bank accounts it is must now-a-day

Don’t give your personal details to others

Finally this is great resolution in the New Year 2015

Left social media networks and live happily

Mostly people are sticking facebook so left facebook living happily

Friends this article is my own Ideas so if you are follow or not follow that is your opinion, don’t think otherwise. Thank you.

I wish You a Sunshine and Successful New Year 2015!