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Top 10 cities in the world which are celebrated New Years Eve Parties 

Today is 31st December and will plan enjoy this new years eve for this day. Every year all over the world people are celebrating this day with full of joy, join the party, dance and do activities etc. I hope you are plan for the today's night and celebration of it in the big cities like New York, Paris, Singapore, Dubai, London, Perth, Queensland, and Auckland etc. So check out the world famous and the top ten cities which are celebrated new years eve party and the best New Year Eve 2015 party Celebration and fireworks images this is recent but hope you also see today night same on your city too and you are enjoy with this new years eve party in the last day of this year.

New York City in United States

Most famous in US (America) is New York it is celebrated New Year’s Eve in New York City has an atmosphere is so awesome and wonderful. Most famous of the New Years Eve occasion and there is the annual gathering of millions of  people at Times Square to see famous musicians and one wonder  program the Ball Drop, in which a 12-foot-wide Crystal Ball weighing nearly 5443.1084 Kilograms come down atop  Times Square in the New York city.People enjoyed a nighttime boat ride on New York Harbor, which offers the best views of the midnight fireworks display on Liberty Island and other places.


The City of Light lives up to its nickname on New Year’s Eve, when the Eiffel Tower becomes the site of a spectacular light show and fireworks display it is amazing moment everyone can see this firework light show in your life and arranged a massive street parties with huge sound music like rock, pop Zaz.

Champagne and exchange chocolates wrapped in sparkly paper that crackles like a firecracker when opened. For an alternate area to see the shows Montmartre offers equally good views of the fireworks, if you want to see the awesome fireworks you must booked a room in a hotel.


Londoners celebrated this New Year with full of enjoy, they ring in the New Year as only they can, to the chiming of Big Ben at midnight. Millions of people crowd the banks of the Thames River, there the world famous 10 minute light show and wonderful fireworks are lightened if you want to see all these amazing things you must climb London

The fun and enjoyment doesn't ended and  there are many after-parties, and on New Year’s Day the streets of central London see a parade that features colorful floats, dancers, marching bands, and a procession of the Queen’s horses.

And also you will see the new years eve parties and fireworks along with above cites and also Las Vegas, Sydney, Berlin, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Berlin, Vienna and Rio De Janeiro. (all images credit my Google plus)

So friends you must enjoy this new year with great joy and happy

I wish Happy New Year and God gives his blessings to all in the Universe.