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Chinese New Year Traditions and Customs

Every year China celebrated New Year in a different way, they have many chinese new year traditions and customs, first know about spring festival history, it has more than 4000 years history, people would sacrifice to the deities and pray for a good harvest, in their new year festival we can see many cultural activities. We can see same chinese new year traditions Singapore and chinese new year traditions Malaysia also.

In the New Year festival found many Chinese New Year traditions, in rural areas we can see many traditional celebrations, they are light with fireworks, ancestor worship and chinese new year traditions dragon dance-one of the wonder dances is Dragon Dances it is really amazing dance, people wear many masks like dragon animals.
chinese new year 2015 animal image

Lucky Decorations, in China people are decorations their house lucky decorations, everywhere we can found red color decorations, because red color is the main color for this festival, now in this year 2015 is the year of goat so decorations are related to goats, chinese new year traditions in Chinese are Chinese new year traditions red envelope we are commonly seen exchange gifts on festivals, Chinese are also exchange gifts the most common gifts are red envelopes, it contain money the red envelopes give to the children and old age people, it is most common Chinese tradition and custom. Chinese new year traditions food Chinese are eat in the new year foods, they are eating fish it is must for Chinese new year, it is symbol of fortune and believed it brings huge amount of money and good luck in the year, we find many chinese new year traditions video in YouTube