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Wishing your friend, relative and loved ones is very great thing, this gives very sound affect to your friend, relative and others mind, because they are very happy for your wishing on happy new year 2016, wishing anyone on very special days such as festivals, birthdays, marriage days and new year days, it is very good this helps also increase relationship among them, so continue to wish your loved ones.
happy new year 2016 wallpaper
happy new year 2016 wallpaper 

You know wishes always comes from heart, if you give sms in the sms you put more affective words then automatically they feel very happy, wishes are reflected your heart, here we can share wonderful and the best new year 2016 greeting sms for friends, relatives and loved ones they are special and on the new year day 2016 you will wish everyone and your elders also, because new year 2016 is special occasion, more ways to wish and express your feelings on your new year 2016 wishes, you send wishes in happy new year greeting cards, new year 2016 text sms for mobiles, happy new year 2016 140 character sms and so on whatever you want.

People are different some people are wish personally, some are just saying happy new year 2016, some are send messages via mobiles and smart phones, some are greet directly to met others and wishing them, now a day’s many communications are available, mainly social media is in the top platform, in facebook, twitter, Hike, BBM, Line, Google Plus and many other services are now going on, so you can wish in this new year 2016 to make very happy you and your loved ones.

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God gives full strength, wealth and courage to face all hurdles in your life in this New Year and also every year, life is so sweet so fulfill your life with full of sweet and honey.


Life is 100 years on earth, your life is so sweet and cute fill with full of success and happy in this New Year 2016


Your life is in your hands, make it with happy or make it with honey as you wish, but I wish God gives more and more strength to get full of honey in your sweet life happy new year 2016  my dear!

Do good, be good, see good in this New Year and become happy man on this earth wishing you happy lime light New Year 2016!


I wish you will get best of the best results and many good things with god’s grace, you and your family enjoy full of happiness entire new year


My dear God you are the best of the best thing I can get after came on to the earth your only my father, mother, friend and all things to me, so please accept my wish in this new year!

Never drop your hope in any second, there is a chance for success, so hope and faith is important in your ways, wish you happy New Year 2016!


New Year with new job
New Year with new success
New Year with new friends
New Year with always happy
Celebrate new year with happy and joy with new and old friends
Happy new year’s Day 2016!

In this New Year you get huge success
You get new iPhone
You get new car
You get new girl friend
I wish you happy and sun rise new year 2016!
I wish you all very prosperous and lime light New Year 2016

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