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Most common resolutions and resolutions for new year 2016 are fit for everyone because everyone life is in hurry so they are create best new year 2016 resolutions, why people set resolutions 2016, naturally we are in hurry life, so we forget previous year mistakes so they set resolutions for new year list, both men and women are set resolutions for new year funny, resolutions for new year quotes and resolutions for new year ideas are so crazy.

Many people are writing dairy, so they are also set new goals and achievements with a good resolution for new year, the business people write business resolutions for new year, before New Year 2016 eve we will celebrate Christmas 2015 and Christmas eve party 2015, so Christian people are also note Christian resolutions for new year. Friends I told one thing new year resolutions are not a solutions in our life, our mind is acting with dual role one is good and one is bad, so first set our mind after that we create resolutions for new year.

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Below I can provide the best resolutions for New Year 2016

Maintain healthy diet for your good health

Learn Panic Healing for get rid of unhealthy

Doing yoga and Prnayamam daily

Write all expenses on a book

Stop smoking and drinking

Don’t fight your wife and children

Don’t scold your children, kids and wife

Get married early

Make the good friends

Speak very smooth with others

Doing perfect work in your office

Delete your facebook and Whatsapp accounts

Don’t waste too much time on Social networking sites

Pay before due date all your debts

Clear your loans in all banks

Give enough packet money to your children

Go to holiday trip

Give your old cloths to poor people

Give some donations to charity

You know Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gives huge money to charity so you get inspiration from him

Doing a good thing daily

If you have not knowledge on computers then join immediately in the New Year 2016
Learn swimming because swimming gives good health

Learn soft skills and develop relations with others

Go to Temple or other holy places daily

Pray God for good fortune

Go to morning walk it gives more health

Eat healthy food

Stop eat junk food

Left bad habits

Stop criticizing others

Check your children email and social media accounts

Check your children mobiles daily

Know the progress of your children

Know the habits of your children

Help others

Help to others who are needy

Every week plant one tree

Stop watching TV serials (Mostly Telugu serials)

Keep neatly in your Garden

Think positively in every where

Don’t think negatively

Always live in positive mood

Think on others on positive mood  

Go to work for charity

Don’t think negatives in the past year

Write all good things in your life

Daily remember sweetest moments in your life

Friends all are the latest resolutions for new year to you and also all are used all ages people, the resolutions for new year 2016 also for children, students and kids.

One thing you have manyideas on new year and also create new resolutions on your own and follow that ideas.

I wish You Happy New Year 2016.