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A navum varsa 2016
Maja sathe sparkalinga
Ananda chalochala
Hasya sathe tadatadata
Tamara khissa mam mani ghano sathe bharava
2016 new yara hepi

 Sukha sathe tamara jivana bharo, gatisila utsaha
Ananda ane samrddhi samagra nava varse tamelavo
Tame 2016 khuba ja phaladayi nava varsani icchata

Anya nava vastuo lave che
Tamedareka panum banavava mate 365 divasa hoya che utsaha, ananda ane saphalata sathe
Hepi nyu yara 2016 ane meri krisamasa 2015

Dha nyu yara badha tamari saphalata rinyu
Sukha, ananda ane adbhuta ksano
Bhutakalamam varse tamara jivana mam
Nyu yara camakava badha saphalata ape che
Jo tame iccho hepi nyu yara 2016 maya diyara

Tamama sukha, utsaha, ananda ane maja
Agami nava varsa mate agala lai
2016 hepi nyu yara tame icchata

Many searches are noted in Google trends here also I can provide and create latest new year messages in gujarati language, new year wishes messages in gujarati, new year wishes quotes in gujarati, new year wishes in gujarati sms, this is the time to share your ideas to others, in the year this time comes only one time that is new year 2016 and new years eve, here you also read happy new year pictures for desktop and Smart phones, happy new year images for android also, download the best pictures of new year 2016.

Friends are you like this post no doubt, shares in your social networking sites; I wish you happy, Fruitful and Huge Success New Year 2016.

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