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Happy New Year 2017 funny message for Whatsapp, happy new year gets heat day by day, new year celebrations 2017, now starts happy new year messages and happy new year wishes are surrounded us, this is the best moment to send new year 2017 wishes, new year 2017 whatsapp messages, really you are proud to be an Whatsapp user so you have more friends, then share latest happy new year 2017 wishes for whatsapp, happy new year 2017 greeting cards for facebook, new year 2017 celebrations all are some new way in the technology world we are busy, we forget postal covers and sending via postal department, everyone has android mobiles and smartphones then all people are busy in the social media, for the purpose here I give some of the best new year 2017 whatsapp status, happy new year 2017 whatsapp dp and all other big stuff.

best new year 2017 wallpaper  

Many people will go to Dubai for New Year celebrations in dubai, they enjoyed in Dubai with very fast and happy, some of the people are going to Singapore for new year celebrations in Singapore, some are seeing new year celebrations Amsterdam, anyhow people are enjoyed this new year celebrations in different countries.

new year calendar for android mobile

happy new year images for Whatsapp
happy new year 2017 messages for whatsapp
happy new year 2017 messages for whatsapp

Below I can give latest happy New Year 2017 funny messages for whatsapp

In the upcoming new year 2017
First day of the New Year 2017
Your mobile dropped in your bathroom
Whatsapp send a sms to you only
Your whatsapp bill more than 1 lakh
Your pet dog bit you
Your child hit you
I wish you a sad and worst New Year 2017

Whatsapp questioned you 24x7
What is your name, what is your name
You get billions of fake messages
You waste your time on New Year’s Day in delete
All waste messages, your wife quarrel with you
Your TV stopped on New Year’s Day
I wish you happy New Year 2017

In the new years day your ATM card stuck in ATM
Your mobile stopped working
Your children wanted money but you have no money
You waste your time searching for money
Wish you happy new year 2017 my dear friend

Your son asked what is the difference between Donkey and Monkey
Donkey sends SMS via Whatsapp and monkey share it

Girlfriend asked which is sweetest thing in the world
(She taught her boyfriend answered her hug)
But Boyfriend answered my wife’s hug
Wish you happy New Year 2017

Monkey opened account in Whatsapp
It invites Lion and Tiger
Share image of Deer
Then lion and Tiger fight for the Deer
Then social media fight starts in Forest
I wish you happy New Year 2017