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happy new year 2017 sms for whatsapp
happy new year 2017 sms for whatsapp

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Beautiful happy New Year 2017 quotes for whatsapp friends

Life is as same as water drop, a water drop fall from the sky then it is fall on the earth after that earth observed that water drop, so life is also water drop It is in the sky or on the ground, so put all happiness in your life I wish you happy New Year 2017.

Life is nothing but sorrow, earnings, happiness and family

Life is important thing to us, so you must create your life with your own style
In your life please maintain all happiness, spend more time with your family
Spend more time with your children then automatically your life is become a beautiful flower.

See a flower, get more and more things from a flower, flower gives a good smell, it gives full pleasure to our mind, it gives peace, it gives happiness, it gives honey, it gives food to some creatures, so you also leave as same as a flower.

Friendless life is tree less mountain
Friendless life is waterless river
Friendless life is sky less earth
Friendless life is sun less earth
So you are doing friendship with other
I wish you happy New Year 2017

Cell less life is soundless life
Money less life is painful life
Friendless life is water less sea
Wish you happy New Year

Upcoming New Year gives good work
You get billions of messages from whatsapp
You are waste your time to delete that billion messages
Then you forget your food, clothes
That’s very funny moment in your life
Wish you happy New Year 2017

Batman hit you
Superman save you
Temper man beat you
Whatsapp watched you
Happy New Year 2017